NBA 2k14 MyCareer 99 Sliders Hack : Custom Slider in MyCareer

By this mod, you can change the sliders of your NBA 2k14 MyCareer to maximum so that you won’t miss any shot! You will rain 3’s if you want, dunk on every shot* or get 40 Steals per game! Whatever you can do in quick game by adjusting and maximizing the sliders, you can do it in MyCareer now! Download NBA 2k14 MyCareer 99 Sliders now!

NBA 2k14 MyCareer 99 Slider Hack : Custom Slider in MyCareer

How to Use

  1. Extract the downloaded file using 7zip.
  2. Copy the tunedata.iff and paste it in your NBA 2k14 Game Folder. Replace existing file.

NOTE: Keep a back-up copy of your original tunedata.iff , in case you don’t like playing with 99 Sliders.

To revert back to original : Just replace the custom tunedata.iff with the original one.


DownloadCustom - 99 All Sliders
DownloadDefault Tunedata.iff