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NBA 2K16 MyCareer: Attribute Caps

This guide is intended to help you create a MyCareer player in NBA 2K16 that best fits your play style. There are attribute caps for every position and height this year. Generally, the taller your player is, the slower you run on the court. But there’s more into that.

NBA 2k16 “Momentous” Trailer

With the release date just up a few days, 2K has released the Momentous trailer for NBA 2K16! Titled “Momentous,” it gives us a peek of the animations, and graphics for this year’s iteration. The trailer is set to Imagine Dragons’ “I’m So Sorry,” which is one of the game’s soundtrack.

NBA 2k16 Top 10 Players at each position

NBA 2K has become the biggest selling video game franchise in the world, and that makes the reveal of player ratings an anticipated tradition for fans. 2K Sports has now revealed the top 10 highest-rated players for NBA 2K16. As you might have guessed, LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers sits at the top of the list, with a 94 overall rating. Now we got a complete list of top-rated players at all positions in NBA 2k16. Check it out!

NBA 2K16 MyCareer Official Trailer - “The Whole Story”

2K Sports has released a brand new NBA 2K16 trailer showcasing what’s new in MyCareer mode. Included in the video is a preview of the playable high school and college games. A few new additions are coming to the game. The new features are MyCourt, off-days simulator, and live practice mode.

NBA 2K16 MyCareer Official Trailer - “Livin’ Da Dream”

2K Sports has released a trailer for MyCAREER in NBA 2K16, named “Livin’ Da Dream”, providing a few hints about this year’s storyline. As previously announced, MyCAREER in NBA 2K16 is a “Spike Lee Joint”, featuring a player that is nicknamed Frequency Vibrations. This year’s MyCareer story begins in high school and you get the opportunity to go to college as well, with at least 11 universities to choose from.

NBA 2K16 : What's New in MyTEAM Mode

NBA 2K16’s development team gives us an overview of the new features and changes coming to MyTeam mode.

NBA 2K16 Gameplay Improvements

Following on from “The Living World” trailer, developer Mike Wang has posted an in-depth blog regarding the gameplay improvements in NBA 2k16. Have a good read below.

NBA 2k16 Trailer : The Living World

A new NBA 2K16 trailer has been posted, titled “The Living World”. Developers Mike Wang, Jerson Sapida, and Scott O’Gallagher talk about the improvements to player movement and AI, collisions and physics, coaching strategies and personalities, and other elements of gameplay that have been enhanced this year. It also shows off plenty of NBA 2K16 gameplay, from cinematic camera angles.