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NBA 2k14 Cheats Trainer +11 for PC

By this NBA 2K14 PC trainer you can change the game score, shot clock timer, quarter length, skill points, salary cap, player statistics, MyCareer skill points and many more!

nba 2k14 11 trainer cheats

Hotkey Function
F1 Adds 1-point to the total score of the Home team. Changes will not be visible until the next field goal. Also, the score must not be zero [0-0] in order for this to work.
F2 Similar to what F1 cheat does, except it adds one point to the Away team.
F3 Changes the shot-clock timer to 240 seconds, which 10 times longer than to the normal time (24 secs).
F4 Changes the shot-clock time to 0, resulting in to “Shot Clock Violation”.
F5 Changes the quarter length time to 3.0 seconds.
F6 Increases the current quarter length, by adding another minute (60 seconds) to the total time left.
F7 Maximum salary cap for Association mode. Use this hack to add money for the Team Budget, General Manager, & Finances. You may need to leave and return to see the changes. Also, make sure to Save the game.
F8 Maximum hard cap for Association mode.
F9 Maximum team budget for Association mode.
F10 Adds more skill points for your player in MyCAREER mode. You can use it to improve your player by buying attributes upgrades, new skills, and animations (shot releases/forms).
F11 Maximizes all of your player’s stats in MyCAREER mode, making all the attributes 99. In order for this to work, you need to buy at least one attribute upgrade.

How to use:

  1. Extract the downloaded file using 7zip.
  2. Add exception to your antivirus program, as it may detect it as a virus (but it is not). First, launch the game.
  3. Run the trainer.
  4. Press the “F1” key on NBA 2K14’s main menu and wait for the “Activated” sound confirmation.
  5. Press the hotkey for desired function.


DownloadBA 2k14 Cheats Trainer +11 for PC