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NBA 2k14 Next-gen Eco-Motion Trailer : New Gameplay Videos and Behind the Scenes

A new video can be seen about NBA 2K14 Next-gen (PS4 and XBOX One) namely “NBA 2k14 - Eco-Motion”. This video shows some behind the scenes on development of NBA 2k14 Next-gen featuring some new in-game videos of NBA 2k14 next-gen.

Eco-Motion is a reactionary system that will express the tone of NBA games, whether good or bad. In addition to the amazing textures of NBA 2K14, Eco-Motion offers even more dynamic movement of player jersey’s, crowd, and facial expressions. Check out the 5 min clip from 2K Sports below and feel the emotion of the game like never before in a living, evolving basketball environment.

What do you say? Comment whether you will buy NBA 2k14 Next-gen or not?