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NBA 2K16 News : Will have Retro teams. 3d scanning for shoes, new animations and more

We got some really great #NBA2k16 news for you here. We got you some behind the scenes of NBA 2k16 development. 2k’s developers share some information what you new features you might be getting in #NBA2k16. Read on..

NBA 2K16 will have the Tracy Mcgrady, Vince Carter Raptors (2000 Raptors), 2001 Lakers, and the 2008 championship Boston Celtics. There will be more retro teams added, but only these 3 are confirmed so far. We’ll get you more news as soon as we get info.

2KSports will also be 3d scanning the shoes to make them look more realistic and official. 2K plans on adding new brands to the game like Lining (Wade shoes) and Brand Black (Jamal Crawford shoes).

NBA 2k16 3d Scanning for Shoes :

Also, they are re-doing all the animations for the crowd to make the atmosphere more realistic and life-like.

NBA 2k16 new Animations Development

Mike Wang of 2K also promises adding something BIG which will make the game look significantly better.

You can check out the video below to see the news

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