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Crew Mode is Back in NBA 2k14 : #3R335 is Crew Mode

After a lot of teasing from 2kSports, they have finally revealed what does #3R335 mean. Its Crew Mode back in NBA 2k14.

nba 2k14 crew mode

Yeah, most of the people were right at breaking the #3R335 code.

Single-most requested” game mode coming back after multi-year absence only on Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. - 2Ksports

The cooperative multiplayer mode was featured in NBA 2k11, but not in NBA 2k12 or NBA 2k13. Now its back in NBA 2k14. But the only problem - Its exclusive for XBOX 360 and PS3; no PC or next-gen.

In NBA 2K14 Crew Mode, players will be able to face off against other Crews in 5-on-5 (full-court) and 3-on-3 (half-court) matches. Logo customization, Leaderboards and statistics are also supported.

Have a look at the video by 2kSports - NBA 2K14 - The Return Of Crew Mode

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