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NBA 2k14 Ultimate Roster Update v9.2 : July 23rd, 2017

Another NBA roster update for the 2017-2018 NBA season. In this update, there are 4 existing player transactions and 2 new players additions. Some animations, accessories and jersey numbers have also been updated by J-Paul. Download the update now!

NBA 2k14 Roster update - July 23, 2017 - HoopsVilla

MyCareer is stable, as we have tested. Here are some things you may try to fix MyCareer crashing in NBA 2k14.



  • Updated Transactions, Signature Skills, Attributes, Tendencies, Accessories
  • Added 2 New Rookies

Trades and Transactions

  • Willie Reed to Los Angeles Clippers
  • Nicolas Brussino, Dewayne Dedmon to Atlanta Hawks
  • Dakari Johnson to Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Dillon Brooks in Memphis Grizzlies
  • Monte Morris in Denver Nuggets.
  • Ty Lawson to overseas.

How to use

Video Tutorial - How to Use NBA 2k14 Custom Roster Updates - (YouTube)

  • Main Files
    1. Download all the required files under “Main Files”.
    2. Extract the downloaded files using 7zip.
    3. Copy the content of extracted folder and paste it in NBA 2k14 Main Game Folder. Replace existing files when prompted.
  • Roster Files:
    1. Download the (latest) file under under “Roster” below.
    2. Extract the downloaded files using 7zip.
    3. Copy the roster you want from its folder and paste it in NBA 2k14 Saves Folder.
    4. e.g. Copy the roster from NBA 2k14 Roster v9.2 - Appdata Files - July 23, 2017 - HoopsVilla » With Signature Skills » Meds Roster Assoc.ROS and paste it in NBA 2k14 Saves Folder.
  • Play NBA 2k14. Go to ‘Main Menu’ » ‘Options’ » ‘Load/Save’ » ‘Load’ » load the Custom Roster file.
  • Play with the updated roster.

If you have downloaded previous update, you need to download the latest AppData and Main Directory files and v9.2 follow up (below).

DownloadDownload Med’s Roster v9.2

Med’s Roster v9.2 Main Directory Files Follow-up

Downloadv9.2 Follow-up - Mediafire
Downloadv9.2 Follow-up - Mega