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What does #3R335 mean for NBA 2k14 : Breaking the Code

Recently 2kSports tweeted a code for NBA 2k14 viz. #3R335. What could it mean? We can guess by the hype that this is going to be “BIG”.

NBA 2k13 #3R335

2KSports is teasing every 2k fan (but also keeping them interested). So now have a look what #3R335 could mean in NBA 2k14.

Most of the people are saying Crew mode. Why?

3 = C (3rd alphabet)

R = R

3 = E (flipping the 3)

3 = W (rotating 90 deg clockwise)

5 = 5 (5 on 5)

So maybe Crew Mode is back in NBA2k14.

Let’s have a look at another interpretation by Max Rizer. Have a look at his tweet.

According to him, it could be “Path to Greatness” mode dedicated to coach Phil Jackson. Why?

3 = Coaching stints or contracts Phil Jackson has signed for 3 teams he coached

R = (Championship) Rings

3 + 3 + 5 = 11 = Number of championship rings Phil Jackson had won

What are your guesses? Comment below with #3R335.

Whatever it could mean, hope its something nice enough.

UPDATE:2kSports reveals the meaning of #3R335. Its Crew Mode.