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NBA 2k14 Realistic Shooting Forms Patch

Some of the shooting forms in NBA 2k14 just don’t feel right. So here, we have the customized versions of the shooting forms of various players for NBA 2k14. You can use them for shooting forms for your MyCareer player or assign them to real players in NBA 2k14.

NBA 2k14 Realistic Shooting Forms Patch

How to Use


  1. Open your player in MyCareer
  2. Go to Edit Player > Signature
  3. Change Shooting Form and Shot Base to one of the desired configurations given below.

Any Other Player

  1. Go to NBA 2k14 > Options > Manage Roster.
  2. Look for any player that you want to edit in manage roster.
  3. Go to signature section in edit player.
  4. Change Shooting Form and Shot Base to one of the desired configurations given below.
  5. Don’t forget to Save.

NBA 2k14 Realistic Shooting Forms

Player Name Timing Release Form Shot Base
Charlotte Bobcats      
Kemba Walker Normal L. James Jumpshot 31
Cleveland Cavaliers      
Kyrie Irving Normal Release 76 Jumpshot 42
LA Clippers      
Chris Paul Quick J. Wall Jumpshot 5
Miami Heat      
Ray Allen Quick R. Allen Jumpshot 43
Chris Bosh Normal Release 68 C. Boozer
Mario Chalmers Normal R. Gay Jumpshot 18
Dwyane Wade Normal V. Carter Jumpshot 35
Shane Battier Normal Release 39 Jumpshot 10
Udonis Haslem Normal Release 27 Jumpshot 6
New York Knicks      
Carmelo Anthony Quick T. Parker Jumpshot 49
JR Smith Normal S. Nash Jumpshot 49
LA Lakers      
Pau Gasol Normal R. Gay P. Gasol
Steve Nash Quick D. Gallinari J. Harden
Kobe Bryant Quick K. Bryant D. Rose
Nick Young Normal D. Gallinari K. Durant
Dallas Mavericks      
Dirk Nowitzki Normal Release 82 Jumpshot 21
Brooklyn Nets      
Joe Johnson Normal A. Igoudala M. Jordan
Indiana Pacers      
Paul George Normal Release 17 Shot 4
Detroit Pistons      
Brandon Jennings Normal M. Beasley Jumpshot 17
Houston Rockets      
James Harden Quick S. Nash M. Johnson
Jeremy Lin Normal S. Nash L. Aldrige
Chandler Parsons Normal Release 50 D. Nowitzki
San Antonio Spurs      
Danny Green Quick V. Carter Jumpshot 13
Tim Duncan Normal Release 23 Jumpshot 19
Marco Belinelli Normal K. Bryant Jumpshot 4
Kawhi Leonard Quick Release 1 Jumpshot 28
Manu Ginobili Normal D. Gallinari Jumpshot 47
Tony Parker Quick T. Parker Jumpshot 22
Boris Diaw Quick D. Granger Shot 16
Pheonix Suns      
Goran Dragic Normal Release 29 Jumpshot 37
Oklahoma City Thunder      
Kevin Durant Quick Release 90 K. Durant
Derek Fisher Normal C. Boozer Jumpshot 35
Minnesota Timberwolves      
Ricky Rubio Normal D. Gallinari Shot 4
Kevin Love Normal K. Love J. Smith
Kevin Martin Normal Release 15 K. Martin
Portland Trail Blazers      
Damian Lillard Quick D. Gallinari A. Igoudala
Golden State Warriors      
Stephen Curry Quick Release 27 T. Duncan
Klay Thompson Normal Release 6 Shot 4
Washington Wizards      
John Wall Normal Release 76 R. Gay

If you have any suggestions/requests for the shooting forms, please ask in comments.