NBA 2k15 Wishlist : What do you Want your NBA 2k15 be Like?

You guys have already played NBA 2k14 a lot, whether it be on PC or next-gen consoles. You all have some views about it. Now you can tell us how to you want your NBA 2k15 be like. Whether be the things that your NBA 2k14 couldn’t fulfil or you have higher expectations.

Speak Up! Let your voice be heard.. Write your wishes in the comments below. We’ll try to make the 2k guys take a look at it. Some top ideas will be added in the post.

NBA 2k15 Wishlist : What do you Want your NBA 2k15 be Like?

NBA 2k14 Wishlist

Game Play

  • Calling Technical Fouls 
  • Real NBA Officials (like Joe Crawford, Leon Wood etc.)
  • Better emotions
  • Fix shooting styles
  • Realistic physical play
  • Realistic time-outs and interviews
  • Fix the commentary (should not miss the plays when commenting) 
  • More commentary lines
  • Realistic Dunks
  • Add more dunk animations
  • Better Celebrations
  • Realistic Crowds. Real crowd emotions.
  • Intelligent instant replays (not just on a dunk or 3 pointer but also on steals and blocks)
  • Warm-up before the game
  • Better Clutch situations like the crowd goes wild on a buzzer-beater
  • Sensible kick-ball violations


  • New voices for MyPlayer
  • Complete All-Star weekend in MyCareer including the 3-pt contest and the Slam Dunk contest (on PC)
  • Send player to international teams
  • Add a storyline to the MyCareer mode.
  • D-league games before the Draft.
  • Add more options while editing the player like realistic faces and better tattoos
  • Be able to use alternate jerseys like Christmas Jerseys in MyCareer Mode
  • Make your own nickname
  • Real salary instead of Skill Points
  • More endorsements


  • Next-gen like Arena Lightning to current-gen version
  • Change the halftime report
  • Free-D replay system (during the Nike+ replays etc.)
  • Change the scoreboard or better add a presentation options like NBA on TNT or NBA TV which changes the scoreboard and other things during the game
  • Realistic and progressive sweat on players
  • Better cyberfaces


  • Add Olympics
  • Make PC version more console like
  • Bring back ‘Creating a Legend’ Mode

NBA 2k14 Cover Suggestions

  • Kevin Durant
  • Kyrie Irving
  • Paul George
  • Multiple Superstars