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NBA 2K16 “The Rise” Trailer : Anthony Davis

2K Sports has finally released its third NBA 2K16 digital short featuring New Orleans Pelicans’ star Anthony Davis.

Like the previous shorts which focused on Stephen Curry and James Harden, the latest short – titled “The Rise” – is narrated by Spike Lee, and briefly chronicles Davis’ journey to the NBA.

NBA 2K16 Anthony Davis The Rise Trailer

The video contains a few brief clips of Anthony Davis in action in NBA 2K16, but is mostly comprised of real life footage. Compared to the previous two shorts however, there’s probably a little more in the way of in-game clips, but anyone holding for raw gameplay footage is going to have to wait a little longer.

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NBA 2K16 will be available for PlayStation 4 system and PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, Xbox One and Xbox 360; and Windows PC platforms on September 29, 2015. You can pre-order NBA 2K16 to receive the game before September 29 release date. While game covers will be distributed at random, each game box includes a foldable insert with all 3 individual cover athletes, ensuring the ability to insert the cover of their choice into the front of box.