NBA Live 16 : Top 6 Point Guards in NBA Live 16

EA Sports tipped things off by revealing the overall ratings for the top six point guards in the game; not surprisingly, NBA Live 16 cover player Russell Westbrook is among them (and not without good reason). The top six point guards are as follows:

NBA Live 16 Top 6 Point Guards (ratings)

  1. Chris Paul (95 overall)
  2. Russell Westbrook (94 overall)
  3. Stephen Curry (94 overall)
  4. Kyrie Irving (90 overall)
  5. John Wall (90 overall)
  6. Damian Lillard (90 overall)

In addition to the overall ratings, a few specific ratings have been revealed for those six players.

Chris Paul

NBA Live 16 Chris Paul Rating

Lob City is led by one of the best playmakers in the NBA and his ratings show it. CP3 has the top passer rating in the game, coming in with a 96 Pass Accuracy and 94 Court Vision. His handles? Ridiculous, with a 92 Dribble. Don’t forget about his deadly long-range ability: It’s a 93.

Russell Westbrook

NBA Live 16 Russell Westbrook rating

He’s an athletic freak of nature and graces the cover of NBA LIVE 16. He’s also the fastest (98 Speed) player in the game and strongest PG (75 Strength). His dunk rating, you ask? At the top of his position, with a 90. Westbrook thrives on scoring with contact (89 Score With Contract) and drawing fouls (89 Draw Defensive Foul). He’s not just a beast on offense: Try getting past his 86-rated On-Ball D.

Stephen Curry

The MVP is unstoppable behind the arc. That’s why Chef Curry has the game’s best 3-point shooter, with a 98 Long-Range Ability. When the game is on the line, dish it out to Curry. He’ll more than likely hit the shot with his 95 Clutch Shooting rating. Guarded shots (91 Contested Shot Rating) aren’t a problem either.

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie’s a crisp shooter with playmaking abilities and his game reflects that. He’ll nail any open shot with his ratings: 93 Long-Range, 89 Mid-Range and 90 Close-Range Ability. He’ll hit guarded shots (90 Contested Shot Rating) too. His handles sit at a league-best 93 Dribble.

John Wall

NBA Live 16 John Wall rating

With lightning-fast quickness (97 Speed) and ridiculous hops (91 Vertical), Wall is one of the most exciting players in the game. His 93-rated Off the Dribble Shot will punish defenses all season. Oh, and have fun throwing down something nasty with his 89-rated Dunk.

Damian Lillard

NBA Live 16 Daman Lillard rating

Last year’s cover star makes the list thanks to his versatility and playmaking ability. Cash in on clutch shots with Dame Dolla’s 85 Clutch Shooting rating, even if a defender is in your face (90 Contested Shot). See him bust out the mean muggin’ Dame Face celebration after a big bucket.

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NBA Live 16 demo drops on September 15th, and full release on September 29th. Are you excited for NBA Live 16? Or would you rather stick with NBA 2k?