Funniest Memes from LeBron James Return to Cavaliers

Its the era of internet. Fans just react to everything in the virtual world. And Memes are special. Have a look at the best and funniest memes from internet on LeBron James return to Cleveland Cavaliers.

Lebron james vs derrick rose the return meme

miami heat new logo no heat meme hoopsvilla

No Heat in Decision #2

lebron no heat meme gif the decision hoopsvilla

Luckiest Coach - David Blatt

lebron return meme david blatt coach lucky hoopsvilla

Miami Heat New Big 3

miami heat new big 3 meme funny hoopsvilla

Lance can help with that burning sensation …

lebron james return meme lance stephenson on fire jersey hoopsvilla

Bad Luck Dwyane Wade Courtesy of Marcin Gortat

bad luck dwyane wade no lebron meme return hoopsvilla

Kobe Never Left #Loyalty

kobe bryant i never left james coming home loyality meme hoopsvilla