Kobe Bryant vs LeBron James Loyalty Meme

Snoop Dogg can’t stand a disloyal pro.

The rapper posted an image (originally crafted by @DrewKiddMusic) to his Instagram account Friday after LeBron James announced his decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The picture shows Kobe Bryant and the words “I Never Left.”

Kobe Bryant vs LeBron James Loyalty Meme

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Please do not get offended. Its just for fun

It’s a nice, partially true sentiment. Bryant never left Los Angeles. The Black Mamba did leave his hometown to win championships with a team far away, however, so it may not be the best example.

Regardless, while everyone else is jumping on the Cleveland bandwagon (which is a sentence I never thought I’d type), Snoop is sticking to his Los Angeles Lakers.

These pros ain’t loyal.